lunedì 30 giugno 2014

Maddalena a Lviv


The training course in Lviv could be defined as one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my life. We talked about Leadership and Problem Solving, which are topics that nowadays are really common among  youngsters. During the course we developed our practical skills too, as the course was based on non-formal education. I really got along with our trainer, who was really friendly and avaliabe.

Furthermore, we had our international evening, where each participant could show the typical food of his country and talked about his own tradition. This initiative has been really successful on helping participant integration, despite we all spoke different languages and were from different coutries.

The Training Course’s location was amazing, Lviv is a beautiful which shows how quickly Ukraine is getting westernized and more modern. We went out a couple of times and every time we found something different to do and to discover. We had the possibility to enjoy the real taste of Ukrainian food and get in touch with Ukrainian lifestyle.

I really enjoyed this experience, thanks to the staff and thanks to my traveling companions, Michele and Elena, who with I had a lot of fun and made me feel comfortable. I hope to attend other training courses in future and I firmly suggest everyone to get part of them because these activities could make the difference in our future.

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